An inspiring week at the #studentideas design sprint

Sometimes my job genuinely makes me want to cry.

I’ve been working in Birmingham all week with students going through a design sprint to launch potential new tech products. It’s been both tiring and rewarding as we’ve covered so much over such a short time. What has really been inspiring has been to see their ideas evolve and take shape.

DkAijamXsAAsFTd.jpg large

‘App to the Future’ storyboarding their ideas

One of the students I was working with was from Singapore and another was from Turkey. Both had very different ideas and approaches but both were so committed to making their ideas work and had such energy and belief in what they were doing.

My role has largely been mentoring the students and delivering workshops and although I may have only played a small part in their journey, I feel very privileged for having played it. Not all jobs provide you with opportunities to influence people in a positive way and support people to work together constructively towards a shared goal.

Despite their differences I leave the students very hopeful and encouraged that they will make their ideas work together.

I am lucky.

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