What happens when you deactivate your social media?

We’ve all either done it or considered doing it at some point.

Like real life relationships, our relationship with social media changes over time. People in our networks come and go; the platforms themselves evolve, along with our reasons for engaging with them.

But what happens when you deactivate your social media?

clumber copy

Exploring the inner rings of a tree, during a walk round Clumber Park.

Living under lockdown

The term ‘unprecedented times’ has become more than a little hackneyed recently. The Covid-19 pandemic has taken away many of the freedoms we take for granted.

Lockdown has tested the mental resilience of us all. On the one hand, social media has helped us to keep in touch with each other and combat isolation. Yet, on the other, the way our social media channels serve to amplify much of the existing hysteria can also have a damaging and unhelpful impact.

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